[New enrollees arrived and others left. Those that left had probably served in Benezette.]


To those men who are leaving the fellows staying wish you much success in obtaining employment after you get home. To those staying from those leaving, “Goodbye,” we wish you a pleasant stay in the CCC. Below you will find our addresses for the benefit of our friends.

Adams, Grady

8540 Lindberg Blvd

Philadelphia PA

Baker, William

2405 Pushton St

Philadelphia PA

Bivins, James

Mc___ing Ave

E. Braddock PA

Blake, John

2__6 Alter St

Philadelphia PA

Boyer, James S.

237 Locust St

Lancaster PA

Brown, Lester C.

RFD #1 Box 184

Fayetteville PA

Brown, William

1414 Daisy St

Clearfield PA

Burris, Edward F.

3620 Melon St

Philadelphia PA

Byers, Ochia

474 Atlantic Ave

Lancaster PA

Cuff, James

210 Delaware St.

Salisbury, MD

Cyrus, Hos____

Baptist Rd

Devon PA

Davis, William

2816 Vere St

Pittsburgh, PA

De__is, Henry

257 Beckford Ave

Princess Anne MD

Douglas, Jayren


Stockton MD

Drummond, Alton

Box 134

Stockton MD

Ellison, James

4719 Rienhart St

Philadelphia PA

Fletcher, Henderson

101 Genoa St

Bluefield VA

Franklin, Preston


Stockton MD

Gi_bs, James

671 N Lex St

Philadelphia PA

Helgeman, George

5712 Eve St

Pittsburgh PA

Hopkins, John

140 S Newberry St

York PA

James, Edward W.

414 17th St

Erie PA

Jackson, Edward

145 S Brad St

Blairsville PA

Kess__borr_, Theo


Pittsburgh PA

Louis, James

515 N ______ __W

Washington DC

McNiel, James

106 Academy St

Williamsport PA

Maddox, Ernest


Manokia MD

McGee, __ss_


Fredericksburg MD

Marshall, Jerome


Pomonkey MD

Mosby, Evon B.


Lutherville MD

Philips, Lorinzo


Hopwood PA

Price, Curtis

234 Broomall St

Chester PA

Scott, Clarence

177 S Remington Ave

Pittsburgh PA

Speed, Joseph


Sparks MD

Tate, John

366 Third St

Lackawanna NY

Townsend, Clinton


Stockton MD

Turner, Theodore


Eastern MD

Wallace, William

1736 N 10th St

Philadelphia PA

Wilbur, _______

716 Chemung St

Horsehead NY

Wilson, Melvin

105 Bedford Ave

Princess Anne MD

Woolford, Douglas

Rt #2 Box 183

Venton MD