Women of better means (gentry) also needed utilitarian clothing, and theirs displayed their wealth and class.

A hand-embroidered fitted linen jacket with 3/4-length sleeves is laced up the front with a silk ribbon. The white pulled-thread linen kerchief is tucked into the corset above a pinafore style whine linen apron. The apron's bib is pinned to the jacket with straight pins and tied around the waist.

The ankle-length petticoat is of red linen (finished width is 90-108 inches).

When necessary to leave home during cool or inclement weather, a red wool cape and hat provided stylish protection from the elements (see detailed views). The cape has an attached shawl collar that could be pulled up over the head as a hood. The hat is felted wool and was worn over the linen cap and attached with a hat pin.

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