This is a traveling suit. The bustle of the 1880s has decreased in size as can be seen in this gold-striped wool suit. The tailored gown is a Parisian adaptation of the straight English skirt and a habit-basque (a type of riding jacket). The habit-basque opens on a collar and chemisette of white silk, with a sailor knotted scarf of green silk. Gold buttons fasten the front with a smart and slimming diagonal line. The brown braid trim edges the collar front and bottom edge of the basque emphasizing the pleated fullness in the back to cover the bustle. Hat, gloves, and pocket book complete the outfit. The skirt is plain with hip darts to fit the front and tightly pleated to form all the fullness needed in the back. One type of bustle was made of hair cloth which was gathered and rolled to give the body needed to support the weight of the skirt.

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