This canoeing outfit is modeled after some outing gowns for yachting, boating and tennis shown in Harper's Bazaar. Jackets and blazers with shirtwaist or waistcoat prevail. The skirt is about four yards wide with gored front and full back and is circular in shape. Deep back pleat and long sweeping hemline make the back of the skirt very heavy. It was therefore hooked to the inner waistband of the bodice. Notice the puffed sleeves have a short fitted straight lining. [Evening bodices are back-fastened, day dresses fastened in the front.] The petticoat is a bright silk taffeta. Large sleeves and wide collars shaped like capes give a different finish from the previous year. The leg-of-mutton sleeves are similar to those of the 1830s and reappeared between 1893 and 1897. Interest is still centered on a woman's waist. The size of the waist in relation to the bust and hips was smaller in the 1890s than at any other time. They padded both the hipline and the side of the bust to make the waist look smaller. Two simple practical skirts which were necessary for the more active woman left the jacket and bodice to be freely applied with more feminine decoration. No one went out without their gloves and hat. A straw boater covered the head.

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