The demure woman of the 1840s hid her complexion from the harsh sun with a parasol, bonnet and by overclothing herself. Gowns were shaped largely by the heavy underclothes beneath. This day dress is typical of the time with its full skirt and bottom flounce. The long full skirts exposed a tiny toe, no more. We have used a blue paisley Waverly reproduction print. The waistline has returned to its normal position and is now pointed just in the front. Seams become important details and are accented with blue cording. The brimmed bonnet, trimmed with ribbon and flowers, protects from the sun, as does the pelerine. Many ladies wore low corsages but did not leave the neck exposed. To serve this purpose, a pelerine of white was constructed. The cap is sheer material trimmed in yards of lace. The lace frames the face and can be seen when worn under the bonnet.

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