With the 1830s came the romantic era which was a time of cleanliness and scented soaps and toilet water. Cosmetics consisted of lampblack for mascara and a wet, red ribbon for a delicate rose tint to the cheeks. They would bite their lips vigorously before entering a room to add lip color. The newspapers of the 1830s advertised the arrivals of models of the newest fashions from France in the form of paper dolls with elegant morning, evening, and dinner dresses, headresses, hats and caps.

This travel outfit is of maroon wool. The beaver hat has a white veil. Can't you see her galloping across the fields with the veil flying in the wind. Of course she would ride side saddle. This fashionable riding outfit from 1832 has sloping shoulders, a long full skirt, and a close fitting bodice which hooks up the front. Front boning and cording in all seams are also typical of this period. The outfit is completely lined and has extra braid along the hem to prevent wear in this area. The large "Gigot" sleeves needed support in the form of horsehair, whaleboning, or pads tied inside each sleeve.

This gown would be worn over a thin overdress. Worn over the corset, chemise, as many as five petticoats were needed to achieve the 5-foot diameter that was in fashion at this time. The large rump has returned, but a Victorian lady never mentioned any part of her body, so it is now called a cushion. The neckline is filled with a lawn habit shirt with three neck ruffles. The chatelain pinned to the front is filled with smelling salts in case she feels faint and her penny purse will provide the boy who helps her onto her mount with his fee. Flat shoes in the form of ballet slippers or cloth boots were the fashion. Material used for stockings was often the same as the dress. Pink stockings with fishnet stockings over them gave the appearance of bare legs without actually exposing the leg.

Around the neck was placed a habit shirt. The neck ruffles are said to be flattering as they hide the first wrinkles of old age. Extra switches, braids, and curls were added when nature was deficient. A felt hat with a flowing veil presents a romantic picture, which is completed with leather gloves and a riding crop. The women when dressed would weigh 20 to 30 pounds more.

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