The newest development in 1897 was a bias flounce at the bottom of the skirts. The center front closing, of the tightly fitted lining of this bodice, allows the extra front panel to be closed at the side for a smooth neckline. Sometimes two or three different trimmings were used on the same bodice. A belt of pleated silk covers the joint of the skirt and bodice. The matching silk petticoat provided the desired rustle as the wearer moved. A petal-shaped bustle supports the skirt in the back. Bloomers were worn underneath.

The hat of fine green straw in a sailor shape has a line of silk flowers backed by tulle puffs and topped with an aignette of feathers. The hat is indescribably light and dainty, it is of straw but the crown has been covered with tulle along which are placed silk roses. The parasol’s handle was covered with velvet and silk taffeta was used to recover this antique frame. The ruffle matches the gown. Pencil thin parasols with puffs are shown in the fashion magazines. Gloves and a knotted purse complete the outfit.

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