Humans -- what an incredibly fascinating species we are!

This is a collection of the true stories of being human. There is a distinctly historical and anthropological perspective to this collection.

So, if that's for you, dig in!

If you're taking a course, (sociology, US history I and II, biological anthropology, cultural anthropology, archaeology, intro to anthropology, North American archaeology (American Indians), the Neolithic Revolution (First Farmers), hunters and gatherers, American government, world religions, intro to Windows/Office), you'll find helpful information organized by course by clicking the Learn Something tab (above). Each item contains a link and a brief description of a news article, scientific report, or some other information. Many of these sources are NOT scholarly (that is, peer-reviewed) - they are intended to be starters that may spark your interest and suggest a topic that you could continue to research. If you follow the posted link, it will take you to the original item. Often these items have links within them that can help you get to the scholarly research.

The Explore tab is a good place for primary sources, data and other information that you may find helpful for writing a paper or doing your own research. Peggy's Closet is the documentation of an historically accurate collection of clothing (women's) reproductions.

This website began in August 2014.