A little more than a year after it ended, the Civil War was on the minds of Americans as they celebrated the Fourth of July.

Independence Day. It seems this anniversary was celebrated at places in different manners according as the weather admitted. In Philadelphia it was said to have been the warmest day there for years. In Harrisburg there was some rain in the forenoon, enough to put a damper on the exercises for the day. Farther up the [Susquehanna]  river there was more rain. The Lewisburghers [Lewisburg, PA] had a fine celebration at Longstown where were assembled all the resident soldiers of the late war. At home the constant rain prevented any out door exercises. At Centreville [near Ridgway] preparation had been made to celebrate the day in regular old Virginia style. Horse and footracing, jumping, catching a shaved hog, climbing a greased pole etc. But our neighbors there, disliking the appearance of the weather, claimed the right of secession and expect to have their fourth on the 28th of this month. At Benezette provisions were made for a picnic in the grove, but the rain drove all into the large room over the store of Mr. D. B. Winslow, where was spent a pleasant afternoon. (Elk County Advocate, 4 July 1866)