CCC quarantined

Benezette, Pa. – Members of CCC camp at Benzette [sic] are quarantined because of two recent cases of diptheria. Camp Commander James Jelen and Corporal (Windy) Lipton contracted the disease. Dr. Lowe, camp physician, placed the ban in an effort to stamp out the spread of the disease.

Electric lights have also been supplied for the quarters of the men. They were turned on last Tuesday night. The Harmony Four, which is led by Alexander Austin, is now in full swing. The quartette was temporarily broken up when Austin was assigned two months kitchen duty.

Benezzette’s [sic] Vagabond

Benezette, Pa. – Hello everyone. This is “The Vagabond” bringing to you another few moments of the activities of the 303 Co.

As days are crossed off the calendar notes of camp occurrences are jotted down.

Last Saturday our well-liked Camp Commander, Captain James Jelen, was stricken with diptheria. He was sent to the hospital for an indefinite time.

Fletcher Mack, of Germantown, was hit by a 12-pound sledge hammer, accidentally. He was sent to the hospital.

The company was entertained by a much requested boxing match between Edgar “Doc Gun” Chamberlain and Truitt “King Kong” Harrison last Thursday night. Both boys gave their best and the contest was declared a draw. Chamberlain hails from Philly and Harrison from Pittsburgh.

Alexander Alston has started a club for past and present members of the CCC. Boys who possess any sort of talent are requested to join. Anyone may join, though, it is not limited to talented people. Anyone desiring to join write to Alexander Alston, 303 Co. Camp 584 [sic – S 84] Benezette or George W. Davis of the same address for particulars.

Our chaplain, Rev. Charles Harrell, led our Sunday services. His text was taken from the 25th chapter of Matthew and the 18th verse. His topic was “Despise not the use of small things.” After a short prayer and benediction church was adjourned.

Hoping that you will enjoy this column I sign off with prosperity, happiness and health as yours.

The Vagabond.