Camp Benez’tte

Benezette, PA. – Greetings from my sanctum in the hills where “the eyes of the camp” brings news of the past week.

Two detachments of rookies arrived in camp this week and were given the proper third degree by the veteran members of the company.

Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Harrisburg were well represented.

So many changes and developments have taken place in our company until the boys have now decided the 303rd company excels all companies in the State.

The boys of the camp in addition to their daily tasks are leading trades and advancing their schooling.

Roaming my roving eyes I find that Oscar Lundy, better known as “Toff” has finally learned to swim.

Otis Parker has returned from his holiday leave bringing many tales of his trip. Ladies beware of this Gabie.

Fletcher Mack has become a ladies man. Four letters arrived in the past week.

SB returned with frowns on his face. Lady what happened to him?

The fastest man in camp is Oscar Lundy, the captain of our track teams. He trains with a V8 as his running mate.

Alex Reeves lost three cakes of soap bidding his loved ones goodbye.

DM one of my snoopers kept tab on many gigolos.

Paul Still has become the camp’s new mascot.

HN sends his love to RC.

Looking over my sport column I find the 303rd Monarchs won two and lost one game. On Tuesday evening they played Huntly camp, their rival contender for the league championship whom we defeated 3-2. Henry Young and Benny Moore formed his battery. On Thursday evening they defeated Penfield 4-2 with Tyler and Patterson the battery.

Your eyes have been, Henry Newman, Camp S-84, Co. 303, Benezette, Pa.