11 April 1901, Cameron County Press,

Cold weather for spring.

J. E. Smith is transacting business in Philadelphia this week.

Wm. Smith of Renovo visited in town over Sunday.

Miss Katie Killeen spent Easter with her sister in Buffalo.

Little John Whiting is very sick with pneumonia at this writing.

Troxell Fulton was in our town a few days ago.

Miss Emma Marsh closed a successful term of school Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Hart visited relatives at Miller’s Run this week.

Jos. Kissel transacted business at Emporium on Tuesday.

Mrs. George Gentry is visiting her daughter in Driftwood.

Miss Cora Barker of Emporium visited Mrs. J. W. Housler on Monday.

Tom Eddy of St. Marys was in town over Sunday. Come again Thomas, you are always welcome.

The writer would inform the Tannery correspondent that the attraction he refers to was the “Cake Walk” given by the Tannery “bells” in the loft.


10 October 1901, Cameron County Press

Snow will fly soon.

Ray is seen on our streets again.

Mrs. Eve Smith is able to be around again.

The Misses McPhee are guests of the Misses Kissell.

Mr. E. C. Marshall is again driving team for A. W. Mason.

Mr. J E. Smith returned from Philadelphia Friday evening.

Mr. B. E. Smith of St. Marys, spent Sunday with his family.

Delbert Devling spend Saturday and Sunday with his parents.

A number of our people went to the scene of the wreck Sunday.

Mrs. Putnam and little daughter are improving we are glad to learn.

Chicken thieves were heard around Owen Wade’s hen coop last night.

Miss Blanche Kissel began school Monday. We hope she will like it.

A number of our young people attended the K. G. E. dance Friday night.

Miss Grace Smith of Falls Creek, is guest of her grandmother at this place.

Frank Wade of Falls Creek has been the guest of his parents for some time.

Wm. Wade has returned from Falls Creek, where he has been with his brother.

Miss Mabel Stephens returned a few days ago from a five weeks’ visit at Howard.

A number of Sinnemahoning boys were in town Sunday viewing the remains of the wreck.

Miss Ethel Devling of Arksill spent Sunday with her parents at this place. Kale didn’t come this time.

Mrs. B. E. Smith and daughters Audrey and Della are guests of the former’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Derr of Benezette.

Miss Della Derr accompanied by her niece and nephew Catrina and Derr Smith left for the former’s home at Benezette last Monday.

Our “Harvest Home and Old Folks Service” was a success on Sunday last. The church was beautifully decorated with farm produce.



4 April 1901, Cameron County Press

The Buffalo Club is all the rage at the Run.

George Dillen who has been on the sick list is able to be out again.

Wonder what the attraction is for the Sterlng Run girls at the tannery.

James Berry left on Monday for Sizerville where he will work in the woods.

Miss Nannie Spence of More Hill visited relatives at this place over Sunday.

Mr. Sam Hess and Mr. Shoem who have been employed at the tannery have moved their families to Kunkle, Luzerne County [PA].


11 April 1901, Cameron County Press

Our school will close next Thursday.

James Berry visited at the county seat over Sunday.

How about that rat, Jack? Which was the best man?

Miss Minnie Berry visited with her sister at North Creek last week.

Chas. Norton and son visited relatives at Falls Creek a couple of days this week.

Little Carl Desmond who has been critically ill is some better at this writing.

S. L. Bunce, who is employed at Sizerville, visited with his family at this place over Sunday.

Dr. Smith was called to this place on Monday to attend George Summerson who was seriously ill with la grippe.

It would be a blot on the nation to compare McKinley with cool Dan. The McKinley Tannery correspondent meant all right.

This place was visited by a disastrous fire Friday night, burning a carpenter shop and a house containing oil and molasses.


25 April 1901, Cameron County Press

Frank Parker has gone to Falls Creek where he will work in the tannery.

Ceglie Bune of More Hill spent Sunday with his mother at this place.

Miss Ethel Devling closed a very successful term of school last Thursday.

Millie Berry has gone to Emporium where she will remain for the summer.

Frank Gayner, one of Falls Creek’s young men, is now employed at this tannery.

Some of the ladies of this place rode to L.O.T.M. goad last Wednesday night.

Will Lenard and Ned Hackett of Driftwood called on friends at this place on Monday.

S. L. Bunce who is employed at Sizerville, visited with his family at this place over Sunday.