4 April 1901, Cameron County Press

Farmers have started the spring campaign of plowing.

Aint it about time for the groundhog to let up on us a little?

The April fools, peepers and toads have showed up again.

Barclay Bros. drive “hung up” Friday night near Mahon Bros.’ landing.

Dr. Colcord disposed of a couple of valuable cows last week. If the price received is any indication.

Mae Logue’s house was on fire on the roof Friday, during a stiff gale, but by the help of some passing people was put out.

Haley Bros. have taken the contract to cut and peel the hemlock in Brooks Run and are on the ground already. It is estimated at 15,000,000 feet.

A Hungarian was nearly scalped on Sunday by falling off a hand car while intoxicated. He was sent to Austin hospital after being “fixed up” by Dr. Colcord of this place.

A big fire at Blowville on Friday night destroyed the St. Elmo Hotel and opera house, belonging to Mrs. Powers of Austin and the drug store building close by. Hotel was insured but did not hear the amount.


25 April 1901, Cameron County Press

Mrs. A. J. Moore of Emporium is visiting her brothers at this place, G. B. Goss and R. Goss.

A photo gallery on wheels is at Chauncey Logue’s place, catching all kinds of faces at 25 cents a catch, of a dozen.

Some of the farmers have their oats sowed and some gardening done but the wet weather will put them back now for a day or two.

Dr. A. W. Colcord and M. J. Colcord were visiting their father at this place on Thursday at his new home in the house known as the Peters house.

Wm. Swanks has a new boarder at his place and no doubt he will be a Dr. Swanks, being the “seventh son of the seventh son” as the old saying goes.

The big rains of the last three or four days have raised the streams higher than they have been this spring but the [log] driving being all done no use can be made of the water.

Fred Peno has his new barn under roof and Haynes Bro’s have Mr. H. Drum of Sinnemahoning putting them up a commodious dwelling house on their place at Arksill P. O.

Grading is finished on the Norcross Run branch of the railroad and the iron gang are expected this week. Business will boom along this stream this summer. Already stores, livery stables, &c. are being established.

The mill that was going up at Goss Bro’s place is still going or at least has not come here yet. Now [that] the trains are running on this road it is liable to come any day. Ditto the oil rig to test this territory, or we hope so anyway.

A train was put on this railroad on last Monday and leaves Austin at 6:10 a.m. and gets in at 6:10 p.m. So far it has made a trip to Sinnemahoning and Wharton extra in the middle of the day. No depots have been built yet.

The log jobbers are busy building camps and Haley Bro’s are building a town on the W. Bailey place at the mouth of Brooks Run, now owned by Jim Mundy. Jim is going to build a big addition to his Hotel and has some of the lumber on the ground.