The Roaring Twenties brought speculation, riotous spending and an era of wonderful nonsense. Canned foods, ready-made clothing, and household appliances freed women from much household drudgery. Daring young flappers shocked their elders with short skirts, bobbed hair, and the free use of cosmetics and cigarettes. Several silhouettes were impressively smart, many bows are seen, and scarves were strong rivals to wraps for the evening. Waistlines are low and often unmarked. This dress is of black crepe with a gilet (a vest type front) of white. The front has white ruffles and a silver lamé buckle and trim which accents the dropped waistline. A black velvet hat known as a cloche fits tight and low over the ears. And is trimmed with feathers. Shoes were pointed with narrow heels and T-straps. Silk stockings are held up by fancy garters. Knickers were worn under the dress. Because the skirts are short, the knickers are short and end well above the knee. The expanse below the skirt is an unbroken. Although the smart world had become accustomed to seeing practically all of the stockings, the knickers were considered an effeminate garment and even their smallest edges were concealed.

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