“The Vagabond” writes of Camp Bennezette [sic]

Bennezette, Pa. – Hello Everyone, this is “the Vagabond” sending to you another installment of the daily occurrences of the 303rd Co. Bennezette, Pa.

With the temperature hovering between two degrees above and two below the Superintendent, Louis Weisner declared a holiday.

Our Company Commander, Edward J. Jelen, has returned to camp after being confined t the Mays [Maple] Avenue hospital in DuBois, Penna. for twenty-three days.

The 303rd Co. had the pleasure extended them by the visit of the Major himself.

Camp itself was perfect and he praised both officials and members for their cooperation.

The District Commander of Forestry gave a lecture on “The Welfare of the Forest,” which explained the use of the forest, its production, and length of time to produce such products, coal, steel and iron. Also the care of trees was related.

Lt. Robert S. Benson is preparing the pugilists of the camp, for a CCC District Boxing Tournament. Those favored are Emery Gleason, 165-lbs, William Sproul 175 lbs, Joseph Hughes 118 lbs, and Roosevelt Rowe 147 lbs. Mr. Hughes has so much weight that he believes could not be trained down. Therefore he is filling the capacity of sparring partner Roosevelt Rowe. All those names appearing above were former amateur contenders for the crown of their weight.

Arnold Jordan “Our King for a day” has had the veil of secrecy withdrawn from his lips.

Wilbur Brooks chairman of the investigation committee was the cause for the results. Prior to the investigation Arnold boasted of having in the year of 1929, a V8 Ford, with aero-dynamic motor, free-wheeling, mesh control, balloon tires, floating power, nickel plated chromium plated dash board and a fog horn.

The Investigation Committee returned with the following report:

A 1914 T Model Ford, two cylinder motor, man power uphill, steering gear out of commission, no brakes, and three rubber tires and a wagon wheel the maximum rate of speed was 13 miles per hour.

A story also turned in to corroborate the report. As the setting sun slowly dwindled in the West a rattle of tin cans were heard in the vicinity of 17th and Carpenter streets. Passerbys and idlers strained eyes and ears to detect the possessor of the terrible clanging. Then at a snail’s pace came the proudly owned car of Arnold Jordan’s with him behind the steering wheel. In attempt to make a left turn the steering shaft broke with the car turning over. Mr. Jordan escaped unscathed.

Where was Miss Ruth W— of West Philly then?

Benjamin Stein of the Stein Tailoring Co. is spending his end of the month vacationing with us. His presence is quite welcome as the boys are purchasing more suits than ever.

“Watch out Gigolo’s the camp boys will soon be home!”

Our chaplain, C. W. Harrell continued on the road to righteousness. His subject was “Cry Men Out” with the scripture lesson found in the 27th chapter of Psalms.

The Quartett lead by Mr. Alexander Alston rendered several enjoyable selections, followed by a solo from the melodious throat of singing Mr. Leon Bristoe.

God then granted William Sproul, brother of Jack Sproul uprising pugilist the power and glory to sing to the congregation a solo.

Rt. Rev. C. W. Harrell also has organized a Bible Class with Booker T. Johnson as superintendent of classes.

May all boy our heads as the benediction is being said. . . . . Amen.

Until the next installment, may God take care of you.

The Vagabond