The Vagabond

Hello everyone, greetings and wishes from lofty heights of the Alleghenies, Camp Benezette reposes. And from the ever flowing lips of comrades comes news.

Tuesday, April 24, 1934, the camp was presented with fifty rookies or new boys. Among the group were musicians, dancers, sheiks, songsters, and corner loungers. Alex Reeves, of the 1200 block N. 56th St, was also present.

Sunday the Educational advisor, who is colored, arrived. Now the interested will get to learn their three R’s properly.

The camp in general sympathizes with John Hodge in the death of his mother.

William Sproul, second section leader, send congratulations to “The Dixie Dukes” for their remarkable baseball playing.

For the past several weeks “the Whistler” has forgot to insert an item concerning Mount Union Camp. Is the young lady back home worrying you, Whistler.

Everyone was a fireman in camp last week. For a forest fire that lasted one hour was being fought by everyone in the company. The cooks were amongst the volunteer firemen.

Once again “The Scandal Sheet” appears.

EG struts dark glasses over a swollen optic. Don’t worry sweetie he wasn’t fighting. WS probably will return home with a fisherman’s tale of catching a shark. His latest catch was a seven inch trout. The ofays from Bennezette are always asking for Mr. AW. Since the arrival of the news boys JC dolls up quite regularly.

“Duke” Manns, the West Philly gigolo, has revealed many things concerning people of 53rd St., also Allison Street.

If there ever was an untruth contest, Edward “Jewboy” NcNinch would certainly win.

Ball two announces the umpire as the ball snakes its spiral form outside of the home plate.

Another windup and the pitcher, M. Porter, send the ball coursing to Wm. Sproul, the anxious batter.

Wallop! And a cloud of dust gathers behind the heels of the batter as he touches first and reaches second for a two bag wallop. Both teams exhibited good playing. For this was the second practice game between the 303 Monarchs and 303 Giants.

The Monarchs won the game to the fast tune of 3-2, avenging the game that they lost to the Giants the previous day.

The teams are as follows:




Ber. Lyons


Ben Moore


Wm. Sproul

M Porter


J Hunt

Wm Ruff


H Young

F Tyler


E Chamberlain

1st base

G Miller

B Francis

2nd base

M Moore

H Newman


S Green

O Barton

3rd base

B Randolph

C Burd


Wm Miles

Left field

D Mouse

M Hudson

Right field

H Wright

L Brookins

Center field

J Anderson