Benezette, Pa.

The Rev. J. O. Edwards of Tarentum, Pa., addressed the members of Camp Benezette in a special religious service last Monday evening. This was Rev. Edwards’ second visit to the camp. He is the father of Odell Edwards, camp senior foreman.

Regular church services were held as usual in the Recreation Hall last Sunday morning marking the farewell sermon of Chaplain Eugene Randolph who will complete his tour of service with the CCC on September 30th.

Following out the plans of Captain J. Jelen, the commanding officer, the members of Camp Benezette have begun active work in beautifying the camp area. Under the direction of Lieut. R. A. Kendig, the senior foreman, and the section leaders, the men are painting both the exterior and the interior of the buildings, planting trees and bowers, constructing walks and grading the grounds.

Kamp Lites. The first man to be presented in the series “kamp lites” is Wayman Berry. (Note: The men will be presented alphabetically according to rating.) Berry, retired mess sergeant, is now first cook. As such, he is responsible for the preparation and serving of meals when on duty. He is a resident of the East End.

Odell Edwards is the senior foreman of the camp. He assists the camp commander in maintaining discipline and directs the various section leaders in their routine activities about the camp. Excluding the officers, Edwards is the one man who commands the respect of the entire company.

George Henderson, as well as the two men above, is rated as a leader. Henderson enrolled May as a “local experienced man” and is now the leader of Section 4. In his 10-gallon straw hat, he resembles a diminutive Pancho Villa.

Robert Randolph of Bridgeville, is the leader of Section 2. In addition to his many duties, he found time during the past season to play first base on Harold “Doc” Wright’s baseball team.

Fred Tyler is completing a year of service at the camp on September 30th. He also is a leader, being in charge of Section 3. During his spare time, Fred plays the piano.

The other five leaders at the camp are Earle Bell, Booker Francis, Oscar Lundy, Winfield Snowden, and Charles Ward. Next week the assistant leaders will “shine” as “kamp lites.”

Kamp Kracks. “Lieutenant Gatemouth” is losing his prestige in the camp. Some think that his commission has been withdrawn, but headquarters’ men saw Gentry put the lieutenant into his place.

RL decided not to shave until Thanksgiving, but Section 5 shaved him on the job last week.

WH waited three weeks for a certain letter; then after it came, he was angry for three weeks.

FM formerly wrote ten letters a week; now he writes only one, and that goes to Junilla street, but not 537.