Benezette, Pa.

Camp Vann

From the relatively small number of men who agreed to sign over for another six month term, it appears that Camp Vann will be practically deserted for a few days after March 31. Of course many of the men were glad to hear that the fifteen month period has been lifted by the authorities at Washington, DC and that they were free to take an additional six months’ term.

Sudden changes in the weather have evidently been responsible for the cold epidemic that has swept the camp in the past two weeks. However, the fact that the infirmary has been crowded to capacity may be due to the fact that it has recently undergone several changes that really make it a pleasure to be ill.

Lieut. Fry, sub-district chaplain, visited the camp Tuesday night and delivered an interesting talk which was enjoyed by everyone. It seems that our Five Spirits of Rhythm are a think of the past since the star base, Oakie Webb, was called home suddenly last week. The boys hope that someone can be found to take his place since they would dislike to lose this fine group of songsters.

Odell Edwards, Henry Gupton and Mr. OA Pindle, educational adviser, spent the weekend in Pittsburgh. A large percentage of the men went home over the weekend also. They seem to be taking advantages of the leaves because the weather has been very favorable. What we should like to know though is what important business called our Senior Foreman to Pittsburgh in such a hurry – it seems he might have waited until the end of the month since he is leaving for good then. Booker Francis seems to be getting whistle drunk since he is acting as Senior Foreman. “Smokey Joe” Jackson is really laying his racket in the kitchen these days. Keep up the good work, Smokey. Why does Lt. call a certain party in this camp “Goldbrick?”

Our popular colored engineer has started a new class in road building with full intentions of giving the young men knowledge of what is really necessary in the line of road construction. We’re hoping that he has the best success with the class.

Look for more news from Camp Vann next week.